Friday, June 10, 2011

Jordan's holiday workshop - part 2

He has finished his Science workshop. Looks like he is more enjoy the Science one, as he brought back many works, that he can play with them. especially this one, the Super Submarine. He brings this into the bathroom, so that he could play with it when he takes bath each time. Pump air into it the submarine can float, he some more teach me how to make it sink again. haha... how cool...

this is the next one that he likes a lot, it is a yoyo car. By pulling the string at the back, the car will run in miles, the concept is just like a yoyo.

And I like this the most, haha... it is a lamp, even gong-gong say this is genious. by using such simple material, can turn the whole thing to be a lamp. the stand is actually a piece of straw, so it can't stand quite well..

Besides that, the workshop also inclusive of doing a simple hand-made guitar by using box, 2 pcs of little wood stick, n rubber band. he also did a color beads, according to him, it can be colorful under the sun. lastly, he also did a mirror reflection box, 万花筒, but what's inside now are animal pictures. cute!!