Tuesday, May 31, 2011





Jordan's holiday workshop - part 1

Jordan brought back 2 flyers from school and told me that he wanted to join the holiday camp, which is a 2 days Handicraft n 3 days Science workshop, it costs RM180 in total. I think this is really good for him, he can learn something during this holiday rather than just laze at home, play game, watch TV, n fight with his di-di. So I decided to send him.

Yesterday he returned home with a Kiddo blue recycle bag, n there were 4 pcs of Handicraft creations. so so so cute!! So I decided to record all these things here, so that he grows up to read how exciting n meaningful his childhood is.

This very cute Tiger fan that he is holding, according to him, he followed the teacher's instruction n did it step-by-step, but how true was it.... mmm... I m still doubt about it. haha...

2nd pcs is his daddy's briefcase, haha... cute isn't it, even though it doesnt really look like a briefcase. haha...

3rd one is a family photo frame, he has not completed this creation, it should be a stand beneath for slotting in this frame, however, he has not painted the stand, it is just a raw wood, mm.. I think one of these days, I shall ask him to complete it. But one thing worth to mention is, Jordan is a very sincere n observant boy, he told me I always wear a hair clip at home, that's why the yellow color frame has a hair clip (made of playdol) across the head. haha.... this is my hair clip for your information, haha... cute!!

the last one is a crab landyard, it can be his student card in the future. But this one I really do not think that it is done by him. As I think this is not easy to do at all, not even Mommy can do it... pai-seh.. haha....

All in all, I am happy that Jordan is excited n look forward to go to the workshop. He certainly can learn something from the workshop, even though he might not be the one who completed the creations all by himself.

Monday, May 23, 2011



我: Jordan,你爱妈咪吗?
我:One 是最少,Ten是最多,你爱妈咪几多?




Thursday, May 19, 2011

How I Cleanse my LV Bag

jee-mui, I suppose most of you have problem with cleaning your LV bag. Or most of you might afraid that the bag will have problem after cleaning, and just leave it gets dirty n dirty each day, and in the end it is 'seasoned'...

one of my gf use wet tissue to cleanse it. But I am not quite sure what is the ingredient or chemical in a piece of wet tissue, it could harm the canvas surface. Thus, I use the facial cotton. Get it wet, and squeese it dry, then start rubbing the whole bag, and the result is perfect, after it gets dry, the bag actually looks brand new. I use this method for my Odean, after 1-2 years of using the bag, it still looks very new, and my gf suspected I seldom use the bag. haha.... however for my Neverful which I never cleanse before, it looks very 'seasoned' now. Try this method, so that your LV bag will look new and clean all the time.