Saturday, December 18, 2010



Tuesday, December 14, 2010

K says Ke as in Kite

Papa has bought Jordan a Kite, he always says it as K says Ke as in Kite, phonics that he learned from his class. Dont really know how to fly it, did it by his papa, and hand over to him... they played it at the playground, almost at the end of the session, he didnt hold on to the string tightly and let go the bottle that attached to the string, and that is his luck to the first fly away kite.... Gong-gong and papa also cant help to chase back his kite... wahahhaha... and Jordan returned home sadly with his fly away kite...

Recycle Mail Box

We have so many bills each month, and paste on the magnet board. However there are too many, and we always forgot which one has paid which has not... (hehe... v forgetful ya..) So I do a recycle mail box with 2 compartments; 1 compartment for bills to pay, and the other one for filing.. Hope this really helps in sort things out..

Arts and Craft

Jordan is having his long school holiday now, he is bored everyday. So I got him something to do... something I wish he can learn, and enjoy to do... I got him to re-do his photo frame. We bought those wooden frame from Ikea, I got him to paint it and put up some sticker to make it his creation... hope he enjoys and learns... of cos Mommy does help him and guide him along.

Monday, December 6, 2010


我们将要去Genting, Jordan梦寐以求的theme park。。。但他整天在咳嗽,很多东西想吃,妈咪都不让他吃,于是妈咪就讲去Genting的时候什么都可以吃,所以现在要快快好。。。
我:Jordan, 你去到Genting一定什么game都要玩的。。

Bird Bird 的故事

我:Jordan啊,为什么你的bird bird不会飞的?
Jordan:因为我的bird bird粘住我了嘛,粘到我的身体,然后到头上去。
我:那为什么外面的bird bird会飞的?
Jordan:因为那些是小鸟bird bird嘛,我的是shh-shh的bird bird。。。


I asked Jordan: Jordan, why your bird bird donno how to fly?
Jordan: Bcos my bird bird attached to my body, then all the way to my head mah...
Me: why those bird bird outside can fly?
Jordan: Bcos those are "xiao-niao" (bird in Mandarin) bird bird, mine is shh-shh bird bird mah...