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Recycle recycle..

I want to display Jordan's homework so badly at home, as some of his art and work are really cute. Even though it is kinda messy for a 4 yrs-old, but but but... it is really cute to put them at his area. mm.... but how to do with it, there are simply too many of them.. yes, I should use the old calendar again...

This is how I do it, I tear all the pages away, and leave the hard card board, stick his homework on it. good huh, simple and zero cost.

Besides that, I also use them to put some printed photo and Jordan's sticker... useful!

Jordan Final Assessment

Jordan finish his final assessment... he was actually quite last minute... haha... as he is too playful n forgetful. He tends to forget what he learns if he dont practise it regularly.... so Mommy got to train him during the week of his exam loh... wat to do... Locked him inside the room, off TV. shout, scold, ... anything that u can think of.. haha....

here's his result...

Maths he got 100%... What a surprise to Mommy, hehe...
And Mandarin, he got 92%...

this is the careless mistake he made..

English he score 92% too.. He is not good in Marking the vowels, and lost his marks there..

Lego Dog House

Jordan ask me to do his dog a dog house by using card board.. wah lau, he tot his mommy so talented meh... so I decided to use his lego set to do him...

Kids Area

The kids area is too messy, u know la, I have 2 active boys, what do u expect? This minute u clear and tidy up stuffs, the next minute they will mess them up for u. so... i decided to move their cabinet (which initially meant for their cloth, kekeke...) down, so that the living hall looks better and neater now... (hopefully..)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Jordan's first performance in life - 娜奴娃 on the 30th of October 2010. He was so excited throughout the whole session. I think he might think that it was a game rather than a performance.

He doesn't really know how to dance actually, because he is quite tall, he was at the last row, and all that I could see was he was almost the last one to follow the team. haha.... cute!!

Monday, November 15, 2010




While teaching di-di to say he loves me, I also teach Jordan to ask his di-di loves him or not..
Jordan likes to ask me whether I love him or not : Mommy, you love me or not, I love you wor...
Me: Jordan ah, you ask di-di loves you or not..
Jordan: di-di, you love me or not? I dont love you wor...
haha... omg, this Jordan is so noti, I laugh till no ends, hahaha....

Sunday, November 14, 2010


例如他的pacifier,他会说成:dui-dui。 他要丢东西他会说:丢丢。。。
看见flower他会说:wah-wer。。。。 嘻嘻嘻。。。


Julian is 13 months now, and he is learning how to talk. He will talk to us in his bb's talk, we can understand ... eg. when he wants his pacifier, he will say: dui-dui.. when he wants to throw something, he will say: diu-diu... He sees flower, he will say: wah-wer.... hehe...
I am teaching him now how to say he loves me.
Me: Hern-hern, you loves mommy or not?
Julian: ai-ai... (love-love)
haha... cute isit..

Oasis Hydrating Treatment 8杯水

其实对市面上的产品也不是很有好感,尤其是我这种超敏感的肌肤,试了样样产品的不能,我也试得很‘闲’。不过,既然可以拿staff price, 好啦,就买它回家试试。 我的旧同事说可以当做mask来用。ok,我就干脆把它当mask用,反正我的mask已经用完一段日子。



Have another new products to introduce. haha.... new to me, but have been quite some times in the market. This "8 cups water" as used in the Mandarin advertisement, has been very famous since they are using the popular HKG artist Yong-Yee as spokeperson. But to me, a super allergy skin person, I do not response to any ad like this. But since I can get staff price, I thought might as well I give it a try.

I did it like my ex-colleague recommended me, use it as mask.. hey, I like it instantly. My skin feel so soft and smooth after I apply. If you want to use it as mask, please keep it cold in fridge. After your normal cleansing steps, apply a thick layer onto your face, it is very relaxing as it is cold. After 10 to 15 minutes, wipe it off, and apply your moisturiser like normal.

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Channel 2.55

听到Channel这个品牌,就让我联想起那些非富即贵一族。那天,和香港的表妹chat,她说香港的女子不流行LV,或Gucci了。她们拿的是Channel,2万一个,wah lau eh。。。。没拿Channel上街,好像怕被人看不起,拿了就觉得自己身份升值了。。。

我在想,马来西亚的女性几时也会变成那样呢?现在,街上的女子拿的多是LV,Gucci,Coach。。随时都会有‘撞BAG’ 的危险。。我想,可以负担的起的,或是celeb一定不选这些品牌,要来一个Channel或Hermes咯。。。。

Channel 2.55,10千一个啊!!心疼死咯!!
I was chatting with my cousin in HKG the other day, she told me nowadays HKG gals like to carry Channel, they dont fancy LV or Gucci anymore.. wah lau eh, 1 unit is 20k HKG dollar, ok la, they can afford it, for them, it is only their 1 mth salary....
I think if Malaysian can afford that, perhaps many woman could have carry Channel. As there are too many LV, Gucci and Coach walking along the street or malls, and you can easily bump into the same bag, malu.... Datin or Celeb would take Channel or Hermes rather than cought into 'malu' situation right...
But Channel wor, 10k for a bag, gosh... sakit hati!!