Friday, January 22, 2010

随身带 Must Have…

我的眼线笔或睫毛膏容易掉落在眼袋部位, 你呢?所以我会随身携带棉花棒及遮瑕膏。当眼线笔或睫毛膏掉落的时侯,就用棉花棒轻轻擦去掉落的眼妆,再用遮瑕膏补上,那就不用担心失理人啦,还能确保美足一整天呢。


My girl friend told me: "I can’t wear Mascara, it will drop, and my eye bag looks darker after I wear it." OMG, I have the same problem too, even when I wear eye liner…. My tip is to always have a piece of cotton bud and concealer in your cosmetic pouch. When u have this problem, wipe away the stain using the cotton bud and use your concealer to dab on the area, u will be amazed u look as fresh as u just step out of your house. Cool!!

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