Friday, March 26, 2010

我的至爱Speedy包包 My Beloved Speedy Bag

打从1932年,LV已经生产Speedy包包了,到现在这款包包还那么流行及风靡全球。它真的很好用,是我的至爱,爱到就算是忙着喂奶也会从心里笑出来。嘻嘻,一点也不夸张。我用的只是Speedy 25,最小的一款,但它的设计却足够容纳一个水饺包包可摆放的东西,整整齐齐,最适合我这种有条有理的女人。有时候我还会塞一件披风或一个饭盒进去,一点也没问题。超爱它!


LV introduced Speedy Bag in 1932, and till now it is still very popular globally. I love Speedy 25 so much, even though mine is the smallest version, however I can put in all my belongings which suppose to go into a tote bag, no jokes. Plus, it is very organize; your things won’t be jumble up and down. Perfect for a woman like me who is so systematic and tidy.

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