Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Jordan:不用啦,我还有那个Bus啊,那个car car玩嘛。。。


Start work less than 1 mth, my family members all took turn to get sick. I was so heart sick and cant concentrate at work, so... I have made another big decision. I decided to stop work again, and be with my kids for the time-being... I asked Jordan..
Me: Jordan, you want Mommy to stay at home with you, or you want Mommy to work and earn money to buy you toys?
Jordan: I want Mommy to stay at home with me!
Me: Then Mommy cannot buy toys for you as Mommy has no money.
Jordan: Never mind la, I still have the bus, and the car-car to play mah...
Jordan is so cute, I hugged him tight...

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