Sunday, October 31, 2010


自从我和Jordan讲了我不做工,他以为我可以现在就不用上班了。小孩那里明白要serve notice这回事呢。
我:不能啊Jordan, 妈咪还要做工3个星期。Jordan放假的时候,妈咪就可以在家陪你了。
Jordan:那样你要早点回来陪我。要好像那个uncle auntie那样早点回到家的。。。
oh my god,我的Jordan真的长大了。他真的什么都懂。连别人的爸爸妈妈放工回家比他的爸爸妈妈早,他也懂。听了他的话,心里好酸,好想立刻可以陪他。


Since I told Jordan I wont work and would accompany him everyday, he thought I can be with him from now. Kids dont understand what is serving notice mah...
Jordan: Mommy, Monday I dont have school, are you also not working, accompany me at home?
Me: Cannot... Mommy still have to work for 3 more weeks, during Jordan's school holiday, Mommy will be accompany you at home.
Jordan: But I want you to be at home now..
Mommy: School holiday Mommy will be accompanying you.
Jordan: Then you have to come home early ah... like uncle auntie next door...

omg... Jordan has grow up, he can even understand other parents reach home earlier than his parents. I feel so heart sick after I heard what he said.
My gf told me kids are like that, but they can adapt to new environment very fast. We should let go, so that they will be more independent. Looks like the one who needs to learn independent is Mommy, not Jordan.

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