Monday, November 1, 2010

Channel 2.55

听到Channel这个品牌,就让我联想起那些非富即贵一族。那天,和香港的表妹chat,她说香港的女子不流行LV,或Gucci了。她们拿的是Channel,2万一个,wah lau eh。。。。没拿Channel上街,好像怕被人看不起,拿了就觉得自己身份升值了。。。

我在想,马来西亚的女性几时也会变成那样呢?现在,街上的女子拿的多是LV,Gucci,Coach。。随时都会有‘撞BAG’ 的危险。。我想,可以负担的起的,或是celeb一定不选这些品牌,要来一个Channel或Hermes咯。。。。

Channel 2.55,10千一个啊!!心疼死咯!!
I was chatting with my cousin in HKG the other day, she told me nowadays HKG gals like to carry Channel, they dont fancy LV or Gucci anymore.. wah lau eh, 1 unit is 20k HKG dollar, ok la, they can afford it, for them, it is only their 1 mth salary....
I think if Malaysian can afford that, perhaps many woman could have carry Channel. As there are too many LV, Gucci and Coach walking along the street or malls, and you can easily bump into the same bag, malu.... Datin or Celeb would take Channel or Hermes rather than cought into 'malu' situation right...
But Channel wor, 10k for a bag, gosh... sakit hati!!

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