Sunday, November 14, 2010

Oasis Hydrating Treatment 8杯水

其实对市面上的产品也不是很有好感,尤其是我这种超敏感的肌肤,试了样样产品的不能,我也试得很‘闲’。不过,既然可以拿staff price, 好啦,就买它回家试试。 我的旧同事说可以当做mask来用。ok,我就干脆把它当mask用,反正我的mask已经用完一段日子。



Have another new products to introduce. haha.... new to me, but have been quite some times in the market. This "8 cups water" as used in the Mandarin advertisement, has been very famous since they are using the popular HKG artist Yong-Yee as spokeperson. But to me, a super allergy skin person, I do not response to any ad like this. But since I can get staff price, I thought might as well I give it a try.

I did it like my ex-colleague recommended me, use it as mask.. hey, I like it instantly. My skin feel so soft and smooth after I apply. If you want to use it as mask, please keep it cold in fridge. After your normal cleansing steps, apply a thick layer onto your face, it is very relaxing as it is cold. After 10 to 15 minutes, wipe it off, and apply your moisturiser like normal.

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