Saturday, January 22, 2011


Jordan has been sick for very long, since 8th Jan, I brought him to consult few doctors, and those doctors had perscribed him different types of antibiotics, in 10 consecutive days I have given him 3 types of antibiotics. Gosh, I feel extremely guilty!!!

When the doctor perscribed him first set of antibiotics, he still couldn't get rid of his fever. As such, I brought him for a blood test, after that the doctor perscribed him another course of antibiotics, his arguement is that the new antibiotics is to tackle the said bacteria found in his blood test report. After afew days, his fever looks better, however it came back again after 2, 3 days. I have no choice brought him to another doctor, and this doctor gave him another course of antibiotics. Oh gosh, it is altogether 3 courses of antibiotics. I felt very guilty and heart sick that I have non-stop feeding him with antibiotics...

He is now recovered from fever. However, he looks weak, I am very guilty with feeding him so much of antibiotics. I can't stop blaming and scolding myself, what a poor mom I am :( What can I do?? What should I do to re-gain Jordan's antibody?

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