Monday, July 19, 2010


有一个女人,她的丈夫来马来西亚公干, 她跟随她的丈夫过来住.她十分不习惯,常常埋怨,吃的又不好,睡得又不好,她终于顶不顺了,然后回她自己的国家。回去了,也不见得很好。终于,她爸爸说的一句话改变了她的想法。他说,有两个人从高处往下跳,一个人看见了地上一大堆的垃圾,他觉得这地球真可悲。另一个人看见天空白云,他认为这世界真美好。这地球是一样的,只是每个人看的角度不一样吧了。


A woman follows her hubby to Malaysia who work here. She doesnt really used to the culture here, and always complain that she cant eat and sleep well. Finally, she decided to go back to her home country. However, this doesnt change her to be a happier person, until once her father enlighten her with a story... 2 men jump from high, and 1 man sees a pile of rubbish, he feels very depressed as he thinks that the world is very dirty. The other man can see the sky is full with cloud, and he thinks that this is a beautiful world.... The world is the same, the problem is only lies on the different angle you look at things.

She finally understands this is her problem, she decided to return to Malaysia. This time, she is happier, she thinks that Malaysia food is very nice, people here are warm, and everything surrounded her are just perfect!

Everything is still the same, however with different perspective, the world can change from the worst to the best.

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