Thursday, July 29, 2010


有些亲戚朋友说,4岁小朋友吧了,不要逼得他太紧,以免长大了会有阴影。但一些朋友老师却说,3岁定80,4岁他不爱写字,5岁他也同样拒绝写字,6岁更不用说,上了小学,that is!老师根本不会有时间每个小孩去教,你要写不要写,他们根本顾不了那么多,到最后不爱写字的小朋友就变成了愈来愈差的学生。


Jordan has problem recently, he doenst want to write. At kindi, when teacher ask all students to take out their pencil to write, he would just sit still and not doing anything. Sometimes when teacher go to him and hold his hand, he will entertain and write 1 -2 words. Otherwise, he will cry and yell and doesnt want to write. Teacher complained him many times.

At home, if he brought back his homework, it's very hard for me to ask him to take them out to do. The worst scenario is I found that he was talking in his dream: I dont want to write. I was so heart sick when I heard that.

My relatives told me, he is just 4 years-old, dont need to force him to write, just let it be. But some of my gf and teachers would say, if he doesnt like to write in 4 yrs-old, he will be the same when he reach 5 or 6 yrs-old. And when he goes to Primary School.... that is! Teachers will not have time to go through one by one, it's your own matter when you want to learn or not.
Being a mother, I m so lost, I dont want to force Jordan to write, I dont want to create him a phobia, but I dont want him to dislike study when he grow up also... What should I do??

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