Thursday, May 20, 2010


Tracy问我,为什么我的瑜伽老师喜欢和我们讲故事,哈哈。。。 我也不会回答她,但是如果不是她那么热忱得和我们分享她的心灵学,我可不会受益呢。。


My yoga teacher gave us a test. One day you pass by a bus stand, and there are 3 people waiting for bus, and you could take one, who would you send? A Doctor, a very sick old lady, and your dream lover.

Immediately I choose to send the sick lady. If I m not married, I will still have the same answer. Teacher gives us the answer. The right answer should be: Borrow your car to the Doctor, so that he could send the sick old lady to hospital, and you stay behind with the dream lover.

Many things we do are for somebody. Cook a delicious meal for our family, save up what we earn for our kids, extra money put aside for parents or siblings.. Have we ever thought of ourselves? What did we do for ourselves? Love yourself so that you can love others. Love yourself more from today!

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