Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dr. Feel Good

不是帮Benefit打广告,但他们真的有些很不错的产品,例如我近期开始用的Dr Feel Good。它是控制脸部油脂的产品,在防晒后化妆前使用,效果很好。我的T-Zone出油很厉害,尤其是化妆后,我看那些油可以拿来煎蛋,哈哈。。但用了Dr Feel Good后,一点问题也没有了,不再为脸油油而烦恼。不骗你,女人我最大也有介绍过这产品。


I am not the spokeperson of Benefit. But I really like some of their products, this is another one that I like so so so much - Dr. Feel Good. It is an oil control product for face, apply after sun block and before your make-up. I have a T-zone oily face, especially after make-up. I kept using oil blotter but the oil will come back very fast. Ever since I use this product, I do not have this problem anymore. I should have used this product much earlier...

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