Tuesday, April 20, 2010

加杯 Increase Your Cup Size

健谈的Massage Parlor老板娘又来了,她教我怎样增加自己的罩杯喔。她说啊,林志玲或徐若萱也是这样按摩的。


I went to urut, this lady boss of the massage parlor is very funny and nice to talk with. she teach me how to massage for a bigger cup size, many artists do the same in order to have their firmer and bigger breast.
Bend your body to 45 degree, start pushing your 'meat' from your arm all the way to your breast, repeat at least 100 times, do it everyday ya. You will feel you need a bigger cup size after some times. congratulation!!
I think this massage will not only increase the cup size, even can get rid of the bye-bye meat at the arm area. YES, be hard working my jee-mui!!

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