Friday, April 9, 2010

Mango Pudding

I like Mango Pudding, but the first trial was a failure year ago. This time I follow the recipe from a baking blog, and the result is good. However, I think the milk taste has overshined the mango taste. So my next attempt will use lesser ice-cream. Here's the recipe and steps I got from the baking blog.

100gm blended mango
100gm mango cubes
30ml UHT milk
20gm gelatine
80-100gm sugar
300ml water
250gm vanilla ice-cream

1. mix water, sugar and gelatin in pan. Boil over slow fire until sugar and gelatine dissolve.
2. leave mixture to cool.
3. When cool, add mango puree and cubes, milk, and ice-cream.
4. Stir mixture till ice-cream melted.
5. pour to small cups and leave in fridge to set.

U must be wondering why my mango pudding has a batch of red color on top. I have the vanilla with strawberry sauce ice-cream with me, lazy to buy a pure vanilla ice-cream, I use that instead. and that's why it looks like that. haha...

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