Monday, March 29, 2010







The story is about a journalist who was very busy. One day, his gf asked him out for dinner, but he kept working through the dinner, his gf left earlier so that he could continue with his work.

He received a call from his gf’s mom to check out for her daughter when he returned home. He then went out to search for her until morning, but to no avail. He went to police station to lodge a report. The officer asked him what is his gf wearing that nite, he cant answer, then what is her hair style, he cant answer too. He was very guilty that he didn’t even have time to look at his gf.

After a few days, he still doesn’t have news about his gf… one day he met his gf at the corner of the street, he ran and hugged her tightly: I am very sorry that I do not have time for you, pls forgive me. I promise l will treat you well in the future… it was a dream… and when he found her a few days later, the girl was dead.

Most of us are busy to earn a living, and tends to neglect our family. Appreciate every moment in life; do not regret while it is too late.

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