Saturday, March 27, 2010

是行尸走肉还是“街街” Gai-Gai without Make-up



U know la, busy mom like me usually has not much time to take care of myself, especially when I go out gai-gai during weekend, have to pack so many things for my kids, u think I got time to make up? But but but, I still make sure that I put up the following before I step out of my house: Eye brow, eye liner, mascara, blusher and lipstick. Hahaha…. Looks like still have many things to take care of even though I said gai-gai without make-up….
Wearing blusher and lipstick is mainly to avoid the tired and pale look. But, our eyes are the most important part on our face. I can tell u even if you do not put up powder, but u have to put up your eye liner and mascara especially if you have big eyes, or “ageing” eyes. Eye liner and mascara will make you looks fresher and younger instantly. If you do not believe in me, please take out your camera, take a before and after photo after you wear the eye liner and mascara, you will notice you have a big difference in the photo. So please remember to do it no matter how busy or lazy you are, after all, it will only take u 5 minutes to draw the eye liner and mascara.

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