Saturday, March 27, 2010

唱歌宝宝 Singing Baby

嘿,不是开玩笑,我的小宝宝很爱唱歌,每天eeeee。。。。 的,自己在学唱歌,应该是有他妈妈的优良基因,嘻嘻。。。他最爱唱歌的时候是早上睡醒时,包着他的包包时,吃他的Kentucky时。。。eeeee。。。很可爱,嘻嘻。。。看着他,就算是再不开心的事,再辛苦也会忘记。。。谁说一定要一男一女才开心?你不会知道原来两个男的或两个女的,你也很满足。。总之是有仔万事足啦!


Hey no jokes, my baby is very good in singing, in his 4 months, he can sing very well, hehe… “eeeeee….” start singing already…. I think this is because he got his mother’s gene, hehe… He likes to sing when he wakes up in the morning, when he hug his pillow, when he eats his Kentucky… “eeee…” so enjoy and happy he is… looking at him, I will forget about my tiredness, sadness.. Who says that you will be happier if you have a girl and a boy? Having 2 boys is equally contented. Nothing is more important than the 2 of them to me.

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