Saturday, March 27, 2010

神仙水 Miracle Water

太多谣言了,我也不知道应该相信谣言,还是应该相信广告。于是就做了些调查,也问了些亲戚及朋友。我新加波的朋友说她从来没有听过关于这产品的谣言,也正在使用它超过5年,十分满意,正打算要加用它旗下别的产品。 香港的亲戚跟我说,她以前有用这产品,现在停了,用别的品牌了,但没有问题。


I heard too many rumors regarding this product, some say that u may not switch to other products after using it, your skin will start to have break-out. Some say if you stop using the product, u will have sensitive problem, bla bla bla…. And I was skeptical to this product before I start using it. And did quite a number of research, even ask my friends and relatives from overseas.
Surprisingly, my friend from Singapore told me that she never heard of these rumors, and she is using it for more than 5 years, and she loves it, and plans to add in other products from SKII to her daily skin care. My relative from Hong Kong told me she used it before, and stop for quite a while, now is using other brands, but she never have any problem with her skin after stopping the product when switch to other brands….
And I started to use this Miracle Water, and yes, it is very very good. The advertisement didn’t lie, I feel my skin is getting better, and open pores is lesser now compare to last time, and most important, I found a thick layer of dead skin around my upper nose area, but now, this area has lesser dead skin and open pores. Overall, my skin looks younger and more energetic. So gals, never listen to rumors if not you will miss out the most beautiful thing in life.

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