Friday, March 26, 2010

天才的隔离霜 You Are Smart

我喜欢用隔离霜, 我认为它是一个天才,哈哈。。它不但能隔离灰尘及修饰肤色,在上妆前涂上它还能让肌肤幼滑细致,容易上妆,更能使我们的妆又美又持久。现在我正在用Shu Uemura 的隔离霜Make Up Base,它有适度的修饰,我通常涂上它后就上粉,既不隆重,又能遮瑕。

不想太夸张,但又要有一些点缀的你,还可选用另外一个产品:Benefit的That Gal。它是Make-up Primer妆前底霜,你可再上粉底,也可单用,效果不错噢。


I like make up base. It keeps the cosmetics from damaging my skin, and corrects my skin tone; most importantly it gives me a long lasting make-up throughout the day. I am using Shu Uemura Make Up Base now, with it’s medium coverage, I usually apply my loose powder right after the base. It doesn’t look heavy, but it can even out my skin tone, I love it!

Besides that, you may also try Benefit That Gal, this is a brightening face primer, and you can wear it under your foundation. People like me who doesn’t like heavy make up will wear it solo, and follow by Loose Powder. Try it!

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