Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Whitening Source Dermdefinition

于是,我就开始找资料,事必要消除我的雀斑及皮肤暗淡的问题!我想到SKII,它们的广告都卖得很强嘛。就跑去问了专柜小姐,她介绍我Whitheing Source Dermdefinition,但我有皮肤表层有干燥的问题,于是她们要我加一个保湿精华液Repair C,然后再涂.用了一个月后,我的暗沉问题渐渐改善,当然雀斑只能淡化而不能消失,但至少现在我的肌肤变白了,也不担心再遇见我朋友的老公,被他再大庭广众问我,哈哈!


I had pigmentation and dull skin ever since my first child birth. I did not really notice the changes until once my best friends’ lohgong commented on me. Oh gosh, that’s the most embarrass moment, and I could not sleep for nights I tell you. But, I have to say thank to him, as it will not be anyone out there bother to tell me my skin problem.
I then started to search around for a good whitening product, but as everyone knows whitening products means DRY and it may cause even more other problem. I hop to SKII counter since their ads were so aggressively talking about whitening mask and stuff. The counter girl introduced me to Whithening Source Dermdefinition, as I have dehydration problem, I add Repair C, a hydrating serum before it in case my skin gets dry. The counter girl told me honestly all whitening products could not get rid of the pigmentation; they can only help lighten the dark spots. After I used it for a month, I can see my skin tone turn brighter. I have more confidence now if I happened to meet my friend’s lohgong again, haha… I will continue to use this product; in fact it is my 2nd bottle now.

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