Saturday, March 27, 2010

Burberry 蓝标 Burberry Blue Label

三陽商會取得Burberry許可,在日本開發Burberry蓝标,以年轻的女性消費族群為目標,把傳統和流行結合在一起,設計出有古典韻味的Burberry藍標系列。它可真的让我又爱又恨。爱的当然是它那时尚感的格子设计及剪裁,恨的还不是它在日本才有旗舰店,这里跟邻国都没有leh。转卖店都要贵上一,两倍。鬼meh,人家从老远的日本带回来,当然是要加上“车马费”啦! 搞到我整天上网看外国的转卖站,流到满脸都是口水leh。。。


I love Burberry Blue Label, love its checkered design, and love its material. So chic yet cheaper than black label. But, its flagship boutique is only available in Japan, this is the thing I hate the most, and we will always spend double if we get it from the Malaysia or other neighbor countries. What to do, people have to earn when they buy it all the way from Japan and re-sell mah… sob sob..

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